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For the past two weeks, I have been fostering a pug.  He came to me with no name, and a very short back story.  This little dude was found on Long Island 6 months ago.  He just had a harness and a leash.  The man taking care of him tried looking for his owner (with no success), but eventually gave him up, because he was “too much work.”

Through the rescue group, SNORT (Short Noses Only Rescue Team), Hampton came into my home, and then wriggled his way into my heart.  We figure he is about 8 years old, and the chillest pug EVER.  I don’t know what “work” meant to the guy before, but seriously, this dog can hold it for 12 hours, EASY.  In fact, if you take him out too much, he looks at you like, “Are you serious right now?  Why am I not on my bed?”

Hampton has even won over hesitant Max.  Max was worried that he would actually be too much work, like the other dofus said.  Some how, little Hampton just KNEW he had to be extra cute for Max.  When the door opens and Max walks in, a chorus of joyous noises explode from Hampton.  Not annoying whines or barks– something in between that’s just adorable.  It is as if he was saying, “OMG It’s YOU!!!!”

Anyway, it’s official- this is the best little foster dog EVER.

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