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So this weekend, we happened upon the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.  Max laughs, since I pronounce it the real way, “Rock-A-Fell-A”.  When you pronounce it “Fell-ER”, it sounds like you are from Brooklyn or Staten Island and you just happen to change words ending in “a” to ending in “er”.

Anyway, we went to the Lego Store (which was AWESOME) and it just so happened to be by the Tree.  I am a Christmas NUT, so I was very excited.  The Tree was beautiful, but Thank God we live in NYC, so we could get the Hell out of there!  There were so many people just chillin, not really going anywhere, but still losing their family members and turning around without warning.

After all of the non New Yorkers, we decided to go to a real New York bar.  Pony Bar.  Pony Bar is one of my favorite bars in NYC.  Every beer is $5.  You order a Bud Lite – it’s $5, if you order the craftiest of the craft beers, it is still $5.  There are 20 beers on tap at all times and their beers are constantly changing.  Literally, three of the beers changed out when I was there.

Yes, it is a dude bar, and the dudes are on the nerdy side– But everyone there loves beer and it is a super chill spot.

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