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Yes, I was laughing really hard - Thanks to the Guide!

The final leg of our trip was Sedona.  Sedona is one of our friend’s favorite places on Earth, and I can understand why… it is GORGEOUS.  We decided to enjoy the scenery by taking an off-road jeep tour.  There are several companies to choose from, but we went with Red Rock Jeep Tours.  The guide was fantastic, and the drive was super fun.  We did the “Soldiers’ Pass” tour – as it was one of their premiere/exclusive tours.  The pictures speak for themselves.

After the jeep tour, we headed up to see the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Chapel of the Holy Cross.  It was truly amazing.  Even the biggest skeptic would feel the urge to light a candle in the chapel, because it was so awe inspiring.  The chapel was built into the side of the mountain, with the pews facing the view.  It was truly a magical way to conclude our Arizona excursion!

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After the Grand Canyon, we headed down to Scottsdale.  We were staying at the Westin Kierland Villas, which we got for a GREAT deal.  Seriously, we got three nights for the price of one!  The hotel was AWESOME.  Our villa even had a golf course view.  The pools were close by, and looked lovely, but it was a little too chilly to swim.

We woke up sorta early the following day – we wanted to make it to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West before it got really crowded.  Well, that didn’t work out.  There were a lot of people there, but we still managed to get on the tour we wanted to!  We went all around the outside of the house, taking a ton of pictures, and we were able to see the inside – no pictures were allowed for pieces of the inside tour.  This compound was spectacular, especially for being built towards the end of Frankie’s life.  He was truly a man after my own heart – making ridiculous requests in the name of art!  These requests included: a call to the president re: the poorly placed power lines ruining his view, a perfect lawn in the middle of the desert, and cutting holes in the windows, because he didn’t want to move the urns two inches forward.  The tour was scheduled to take 90 minutes, but it took closer to two hours, due to the amount of detail the tour guide shared.  Max and I didn’t mind (although some people got all huffy and left); it was a wonderful place and a lovely tour.

After Frankie’s, we decided to take a trail ride in the desert.  We pulled up to MacDonald’s Ranch to see if they could accommodate the likes of us.  Max has only ever ridden a horse a few times, and I spent most of my childhood on horseback.  We signed up for the 3 pm ride, which lasted for two hours.  We got to see the sun setting on the desert- it was beautiful.  Max was a little apprehensive when he was assigned the horse named “Tequila”, mainly because he and real tequila just don’t mix.  Not to worry, all of the horses were perfectly trained and the wranglers (guides) were excellent at soothing even the most nervous beginner.

After riding, we started to think about dinner, we yelped the crap out of the area, and found a place called FnB.  It was so awesome, it gets its own post.

So, you will get the scoop on FnB tomorrow – Stay Tuned.

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