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If you live in Manhattan, you know what it like when some one suggests another borough – let alone Jersey.  The first thought in your head is, “UUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHH, REALLY?”  I am not even kidding.

If you do muster up the incredible amount of energy it takes to leave the finest borough in the ENTIRE world  (totally an objective opinion, of course), Jersey City isn’t a horrible way to go.  Now, hear me out – I know what you are thinking… Yes, I would choose to got to Jersey City over Brooklyn, at least occasionally.  (Although, the most visited “other borough” for me is the Bronx… GO YANKEES!!)  You also may be asking why I am treating Jersey City the same way I treat NYC’s other boroughs.  Simply, it is the same time and cost to get there.  Therefore, there is no difference to me.

We also went for a Lehigh Alumni Event – aka, to hang out with our friends, drink, and make spectacles of ourselves, all in the name of Lehigh.  (This event was also the source of the name tags… Great idea to give people name tags after 3 liters of beer.)

Anyway, Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City may be my favorite beer hall in the NYC area.  They have a ton of beers on tap, and for a liter of beer, it really isn’t that expensive.  I think the food is “meh”, but for meat eaters, I understand there is some great drunk munchies… like bratwurst… gross.

The after party took place at Barcade in Jersey City.  There are now a few Barcades… and I have actually been to the one in Brooklyn (I KNOW), but these bar-arcades are completely worth the intense travel.  (What is it, a 15 minute subway ride?)  This is the place to take the nerds in your life, so all of my friends LOVE it.  There is awesome beer on tap – including Bethlehem Brew Works Rude Elf!!  I mean, it was a Lehigh event, so I HAD to have some.  Also, Miss Pacman and Donkey Kong… IT WAS ON.  Until we had to take the Path home… UGH.

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Giddy Up Cowboy and Say good-bye to my camera!  We went to the PBR bull riding event in Madison Square Garden.  It was awesome, until my camera bit the dust.

I was really weird to see so many fans of bull riding in the middle of NYC.  The stadium was pretty full.  It was also weird to see the floor covered with footing.  (For you non horse/rodeo people, that means dirt.)  We sat in the renovated section, which had great beers, that I drank out of a straw.  Drinking out of a straw is bad news.  BAD NEWS.  This is most likely the reason for my camera dying.  Granted, I have had the camera since 2004, and it made it all the way through college, study abroad in Europe, and many adventures in NYC.  I was said to see the old CyberShot go.  But, what a way to go out!

We didn’t fit in too well at the Rodeo, but we had an awesome time!!

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We had another great NYE at the Greenwich Tree House!  Thanks go to JGo for organizing everything!!  This year, we seemed to keep it a little more tame…  No one blew up the toilets or vommed on the floor.  These things are always a plus.  We ushered in the New Year in style, aka I drank Bud Lites ALL night.

Eating went as such: We went to a cute little Italian place in the village for dinner – props to anyone that can remember the name or find it again!  It was yummy, and a nice base… JGo got everyone treats at the bar for a midnight snack – I didn’t even get to see what was on the table– I just saw people diving for the pigs in a blanket!! Given the time it took to consume 4 tables worth of food, I am thinking everyone loved the bar food.  After the bar, a couple of us went to Papaya Dog, one of the random ones in the village – I couldn’t eat there, so I really can’t remember.  They do have pizza, but the last time I had it, it tasted like Hot Dogs.  So, I began the New Year right – with two slices and a soda for $2.75 from the best drunk pizza place on our block…. Two Bros!

Happy 2012 Everyone!!  May this year be filled with epic adventures in Food, Travels, and Parties!!

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If you can’t tell, I LOVE Indian food.  Max introduced me to it – I was very hesitant, at first.  As a vegetarian, it is so easy to fall in love with Indian food.  I love that I can go to a restaurant and I have choices.  I can order off the menu!!  I was nervous when I first tried Indian, though.  I was nervous because I have a very sensitive stomach.  Indian cuisine is the only cuisine that has NEVER bothered my stomach!!  Myth Busted.

So, for Max’s parents’ anniversary, he decided to take them to a fancy Indian restaurant, called Tamrind.  Spoiler Alert:  the food blew my mind.  Because it was such an upscale place, I decided to deviate from my normal Paneer Tika Masala (cheese cubes, like tofu almost, in tomato sauce) and I went with Pudine Wala Paneer, which was cheese marinated in yogurt, fresh mint, coriander, garam masala, and green chilies.  I couldn’t even pay attention to what anyone else had (it was all meat, all done perfectly, and everyone loved their’s), mine was so good.  It was a little pricey, though – it as priced like a good Italian restaurant.

Tamrind is easily in my top 5 favorite Indian Restaurants…. it might even be number 1.

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After Christmas, I was lucky enough to have my mom drive me in to the City.  After last year, I wasn’t going to try to take the train, again.  Last year, I decided I was only going to suffer once, and I was going to load up all my crap and bring it in at once on the train.  Well, I suffered.  I had a bazillion bags, and almost immediately, one of the handles broke.  The train was so packed, the conductor had to help me find a seat… which happened to be right across the aisle from a kid who made high school horrible for me.  (I pretended I didn’t see him.) When I got to NYC, it was SNOWING.  I had to wait in a cab line, which I NEVER do.  My bags got so filled with snow, the bottoms blew out.  I got home and I felt like crying.  So, this year, mom felt bad and drove me in.

When we go in to the City, and got all my wonderful presents up stairs, we felt like a snack.  It was too early to call it dinner and too late to call it lunch.  We went to Kati Roll (more formally called “The Kati Roll Company”), and got 3 rolls.  They are pretty small.  Generally, when I go I get two rolls for dinner (each roll is $5.50 or 2 for $10), but for a man appetite I would suggest starting with two, you always have the option of getting a third.  No matter how many rolls you get, it is still a good value for your money.

It was packed.  We were surprised at how many Indian families were in the restaurant.  For me, it is always a good sign when people of that ethnicity are eating at an ethnic restaurant.  I thought Kati Roll was delicious, but I was glad to see my thought validated by the crowd!  I had an Achari Paneer Roll and Mom had a Chana Masala Roll.  We split another paneer roll.  It was so yummy!

Check out their site:

Thank God Mom drove me in and fed me!!  She is the best.

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If you can’t tell, I happen to love Christmas.  This comes from a family tradition of loving Christmas so much, people think we are crazy.  My mom is Christmas Crazy, her mom is Christmas Crazy, and I am pretty sure her mom was, as well.  Max thought I was nuts, at first.  He thought I was nuts for at least the first 5 years.  But, I think I am wearing him down, because this year, he totally enabled my crazy with… a 12 ft Christmas Tree!!

The Tree is so large, we had to cut some of the top off to fit the star on!  (Apparently, this is a family tradition, too…)  We decorated the tree, listened to Christmas music, and I crossed my fingers we had enough ornaments! 

I think Max secretly likes it.  Since he didn’t complain when we had to carry the tree 5 blocks and an avenue!!  We had to dodge the NYC pedestrians, who all stopped to marvel at our lunacy for buying such a big tree.  Christmas Joy is Contagious!

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So this weekend, we happened upon the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.  Max laughs, since I pronounce it the real way, “Rock-A-Fell-A”.  When you pronounce it “Fell-ER”, it sounds like you are from Brooklyn or Staten Island and you just happen to change words ending in “a” to ending in “er”.

Anyway, we went to the Lego Store (which was AWESOME) and it just so happened to be by the Tree.  I am a Christmas NUT, so I was very excited.  The Tree was beautiful, but Thank God we live in NYC, so we could get the Hell out of there!  There were so many people just chillin, not really going anywhere, but still losing their family members and turning around without warning.

After all of the non New Yorkers, we decided to go to a real New York bar.  Pony Bar.  Pony Bar is one of my favorite bars in NYC.  Every beer is $5.  You order a Bud Lite – it’s $5, if you order the craftiest of the craft beers, it is still $5.  There are 20 beers on tap at all times and their beers are constantly changing.  Literally, three of the beers changed out when I was there.

Yes, it is a dude bar, and the dudes are on the nerdy side– But everyone there loves beer and it is a super chill spot.

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I cannot begin to get over the meal that I was treated to at Dovetail.  This 9 course culinary treasure was the best meal I have ever had.  Dovetail is my favorite restaurant in NYC.

As a birthday present to me, a wonderful dude took me to Dovetail.  We had two bottles of fantastic wine, and 9 courses of perfection.  The fact that anyone is daring enough to make a 9 course veggie meal is amazing to begin with.  The idea that it was possibly more amazing than the meat tasting is just unheard of. 

We both started our meals with a brussels sprout salad, followed by roasted brussels sprouts.  While the first two courses were brussels sprout heavy, they were so delicious and perfectly done that I was in love.  These were not your grandma’s brussels sprouts.

Some of the highlights, also known as I have no idea what my favorite was:

-Turnip Ceviche… who would have thought this vegan preparation of turnips would rock my world. There was the perfect amount of citrus to bring out the sweet flavor of the turnips, and the quinoa was super yummy.
-Four Potatoes Done Four Ways… This was an item that was not even on the menu, added in just for my tasting.  I can’t tell you what exactly each potato was and how it was cooked, but I know there was an heirloom potato and a sweet potato; one potato was fried, another boiled, and another baked.  They were laid in a pillow of some sort of creme fresh/sour cream hybrid.  I will dream about these potatoes for a lifetime.
-Gnudi… The Gnudi… they are well-known for this dish and rightfully so.  This were fluffy delights of yummy.  Broccoli, chanterelles, and winter truffles… MWAH! Perfection. 

There were so many delicious courses, including DESSERT: roasted figs and granny smith apple sorbet.  It was the perfect ending to my meal.  I can’t get the taste of the sorbet out of my mind.

Here is Dovetail’s website:

You can see what Max ate on their tasting menu– he said it was all positively delicious, but some of my courses were the best of the night!!  Who knew a devoted meat-eater would favor veggie dishes.

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