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If you can’t tell, I happen to love Christmas.  This comes from a family tradition of loving Christmas so much, people think we are crazy.  My mom is Christmas Crazy, her mom is Christmas Crazy, and I am pretty sure her mom was, as well.  Max thought I was nuts, at first.  He thought I was nuts for at least the first 5 years.  But, I think I am wearing him down, because this year, he totally enabled my crazy with… a 12 ft Christmas Tree!!

The Tree is so large, we had to cut some of the top off to fit the star on!  (Apparently, this is a family tradition, too…)  We decorated the tree, listened to Christmas music, and I crossed my fingers we had enough ornaments! 

I think Max secretly likes it.  Since he didn’t complain when we had to carry the tree 5 blocks and an avenue!!  We had to dodge the NYC pedestrians, who all stopped to marvel at our lunacy for buying such a big tree.  Christmas Joy is Contagious!


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This weekend, I went to Christkindlmartkt in Bethlehem, PA.  I have gone to this market for years, but this year they moved to a different location within Bethlehem, called The Stacks.  The Stacks are part of the revitalization project of Bethlehem Steel, and I have to say, I was incredibly pleased with the progress of that the Sands and ArtsQuest have made.

The Christmas Market was more spread out this year, which was great.  We were able to see all of the vendors, both old and new favorites, without running into the other meandering patrons.  The cost for 3 people to get into the Market came to $24, but my grandmother had a coupon for $1 off per person.  I think it was worth it.  They had all sorts of artists and artisans with original work for sale, which make really great Christmas presents!  New to the market this year, and perhaps my favorite vendor of all, a woman was making hand rolled, homemade, hot, delicious pretzels.  I have never tasted anything like this!!  The pretzel was so good, I could barely take a picture before it was gone!

After an exhausting morning of shopping, my mom, grandmother, and I all plopped down at Brew Works, on the North Side.  Nan and Mom each got a burger, and I tried their new veggie burger.  Not bad for a veggie burger- it was mostly lentils.  Still, Brew Works is a great choice for a vegetarian in PA, as you are usually limited to Mozzarella Sticks (or “Fried Cheese, as some places call it) and French Fries.  But, the best part about Brew Works is the Beer.  Mom had a pumpkin ale, which was pretty awesome.  I had the Rude Elf, their Holiday Brew.  It is a really STRONG ale with nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove flavors.  I got a growler on the way out… Along with the Beer and Cheese soup for Max- it’s his favorite.

I highly recommend a day in Christmas City!!

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Happy Start of the Holiday Season!! 

Before we jump into Christmas with both feet… we have to pay SOME attention to Max’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  As I’ve said, Thanksgiving used to be one of the WORST holidays for being veggie, until the best ever chef-boyfriend hybrid took it over.  Max created a Thanksgiving that would blow your hair back.

A Set Empty Table, Ready for the Feast

A lot of the dishes were similar to the fakesgiving party, with a few upgrades.  The marscapone-leek mashies reappeared, as did the truffle butter turkey.  Another returning favorite was the butternut squash puree– deeeeelish!!  I have to say, I am very, VERY spoiled.  Due to popular demand (mostly mine), the mustard onion monkey bread and maple thyme biscuits were always on the main table.  (Max makes SOOO much food, some of it stays on the table, and some of it is placed on the buffet behind the table.)  Also on the two tables were: stuffing (veggie and non), cranberry sauce (homemade, of course), green beans, and mac ‘n’ cheese. 

The Back Buffet Table

Max’s mom also made a few of my favorites, including golden beets and over-sized apple pie!!  There was no way to have a small piece of that pie– due to both the height and wonderful taste!!  To supplement his mom’s pie, Max also made a classic pumpkin pie and homemade whipped cream with a hint of vanilla.  Like I said, I am so spoiled.

A "Small" Slice of the Apple Pie

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It is that time of the year again, you know thanksgiving, family, soon it will be Christmas.  BUT FIRST, we have to celebrate the best rivalry ever.  EVER.  Lehigh-Laf. 

This is the best weekend of “football” in the fall.  I love football, don’t get me wrong, but at Lehigh, football represents so much more.  This is not the kind of weekend where you actually GO to the game.  (I think I watched one play on tv?)  This weekend is all about the spectacle.

There were some spectacles. (Sam)

But, apparently there was some food.  I think I ate a bagel, a roll, mozzarella sticks, maybe fries, at least one pizza, and a mini-rito from Tulum (best Mexican Food in Bethlehem).  The bagel was from D&D, the mozzie sticks and fries were from the Ho (the Tally Ho), and the pizza was Lehigh Pizza.  Just think of standard college bar food.  Yeah, I am pretty sure I damaged my heart and my liver.

Lehigh is where I started my love affair with Andre.  So, of course, I had to have bottle.  There was also nattie light, coors light, and bud lite, in truly unthinkable quantities.   Hence, this post is not very detailed.

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There is a new trend in parties, and I am happy to announce that Max and I jumped on the bandwagon.  The theme of the party is “fake”sgiving.  Meaning, Thanksgiving is wonderful, but there are no friends involved, because friends tend to have their own families.  Fakesgiving is a time where your faux family (aka friends) get together to celebrate a true American holiday, simply meant for overindulgence.

This year, Max prepared the majority of the fakesgiving meal, with a little help from friends, of course.  The menu included:

-2 types of stuffing (sausage/cornbread and a veggie one for me!)
-a trio of cranberry sauces (yes, one of them came from a can to quiet the Ocean Spray purists, but when they tasted the homemade cranberry sauce… I will just say, there is no room in anyone’s belly for any canned anything.)
-String Beans
-Duo of Mashed Potatoes – one traditional, and one that will make even the biggest mashed potato skeptic fall in love (it happened this year!!), the creme fresh mash.
-Mac and Cheese
-Mustard Onion Monkey Bread (I think this is my FAVORITE thing to eat ever)
-Maple Thyme Biscuits

This meal was preceded by appetizers (artichoke-cheese roll, cheese plate, chips), and then followed my dessert.  I have to admit, I have been too full for the past couple days to have tried them all, but there was:

-Pumpkin Pie
-Apple Pie (with a lattice top… very impressive)
-Pecan Pie (Thanks Cassie!)
-Pumpkin Cheesecake
-Vanilla Bread Pudding (Thanks Rrabette!)

After this food coma, we decided to continue with the theme of overcomsumption, so we moved on to booze.  We did a good old-fashioned gift swap–  in which, all of the gifts were booze.  Some how, during this swap, we ended up with TWO bottles of Hpnotiq!  Also included in the swap were wine, jameo, some really big beers, makers mark, adult chocolate milk, champagne, and some more wine.

Please forgive me if I forgot anything… My memory is a little hazy…

Oh Yeah, then we played kings with all the booze.  That is probably why there are few brown spots in my memory.


Hello Party People,

Welcome back.  I have recently got another 9-5 and have rejoined the boring ranks of another job in legal.  So here I am, pretending that you all care what I say. 


Let me tell you– about the BEST weekend of the year.  THE HUNT.  This is when 40,000+  people gather in a muddy field to drink, and maybe pretend there is horse race.  I like to guilt first timers into making the trek by calling it my birthday party. 

This year, Cass even made me cupcakes!!  You know, the chocolate cake with white icing… it doesn’t get any better than that! 

We were at Spot 989 in the infield and we had a killer tailgate.  People were shocked that we had some awesome childhood favorites, like shark bites, fruit rollups, and gushers.  We also had some college favorites, like Andre and Bago.  We also had some adult beer, too.  But the most exciting, especially to ETD, was the bowl of 5 hrs…

We all arrived to the grounds around 10 am; some of the festivities had already began on the walk to the train, the train ride over, and the walk to the spot.  Let’s take a moment to thank the Rrabette for some fantastic hot beverages, which may or may not have involved alcohol.  *All I kept thinking was, “Crap, Max has my PBA card… How am I going to talk my way out of an open container at 10 am?”  

As the beautiful day progressed, it got a little more muddy, and we got a little more friendly with our “special” neighbors.  The neighbors after spilling on my friend said, “Let’s get you out of those wet clothes…”  They were, well, a little creepy.  Oh well, let’s just chalk it up to drinking in Jersey.


Our Neighbors

Magically, we all made it back to my moms or back to the city.  (Major Props to My Mom… Major Props)  At which time, the real party people continued to carry on into the early morning.  There were many lame-o’s who thought drinking for the previous 8 hours was more than enough.  

Needless to say, I spent the following two days hung over.  Happy Birthday Party to me!!!

A shout out needs to happen to Rrab, Rrabette, and Shanimal for helping us move furniture the next day, as well as cramming into the back of the U-Haul, which was CLEARLY marked as life threatening.

Oh Yeah… Max had a Mohawk.

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Hello Party People,

I sincerely apologize for my absence.  I am now back and ready to go.  Last weekend seems like the perfect place to start.

Every year, Hoboken throws a kick ass St. Patty’s Day Parade.  This year was no different.  This whole event is like a Lehigh Football game– the pre parties are so awesome, very rarely do we make it to the actual event.  This year, I am only a tiny bit sad to say, we missed the parade, again.

We had three parties to attend prior to the parade, so who can really blame us for missing it? We went from party to party, stuffing our faces with green bagels, soda bread, and Guinness.   But my favorite food of the day, happened before we left NYC for the long and packed trek to Hoboken.  I made… GREEN PANCAKES.  I am pretty sure my mom made these for us when we were little, especially because they are simply chocolate chip pancakes with green food coloring.  But, these hit the spot and created a great base for a long day of day drinking.

To Conclude.  Green Pancakes + Green Bagels + Soda Bread + Friends + Guinness – a Parade =  AWESOME St. Patty’s Day!!

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