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After Christmas, I was lucky enough to have my mom drive me in to the City.  After last year, I wasn’t going to try to take the train, again.  Last year, I decided I was only going to suffer once, and I was going to load up all my crap and bring it in at once on the train.  Well, I suffered.  I had a bazillion bags, and almost immediately, one of the handles broke.  The train was so packed, the conductor had to help me find a seat… which happened to be right across the aisle from a kid who made high school horrible for me.  (I pretended I didn’t see him.) When I got to NYC, it was SNOWING.  I had to wait in a cab line, which I NEVER do.  My bags got so filled with snow, the bottoms blew out.  I got home and I felt like crying.  So, this year, mom felt bad and drove me in.

When we go in to the City, and got all my wonderful presents up stairs, we felt like a snack.  It was too early to call it dinner and too late to call it lunch.  We went to Kati Roll (more formally called “The Kati Roll Company”), and got 3 rolls.  They are pretty small.  Generally, when I go I get two rolls for dinner (each roll is $5.50 or 2 for $10), but for a man appetite I would suggest starting with two, you always have the option of getting a third.  No matter how many rolls you get, it is still a good value for your money.

It was packed.  We were surprised at how many Indian families were in the restaurant.  For me, it is always a good sign when people of that ethnicity are eating at an ethnic restaurant.  I thought Kati Roll was delicious, but I was glad to see my thought validated by the crowd!  I had an Achari Paneer Roll and Mom had a Chana Masala Roll.  We split another paneer roll.  It was so yummy!

Check out their site:

Thank God Mom drove me in and fed me!!  She is the best.


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