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If you can’t tell, I happen to love Christmas.  This comes from a family tradition of loving Christmas so much, people think we are crazy.  My mom is Christmas Crazy, her mom is Christmas Crazy, and I am pretty sure her mom was, as well.  Max thought I was nuts, at first.  He thought I was nuts for at least the first 5 years.  But, I think I am wearing him down, because this year, he totally enabled my crazy with… a 12 ft Christmas Tree!!

The Tree is so large, we had to cut some of the top off to fit the star on!  (Apparently, this is a family tradition, too…)  We decorated the tree, listened to Christmas music, and I crossed my fingers we had enough ornaments! 

I think Max secretly likes it.  Since he didn’t complain when we had to carry the tree 5 blocks and an avenue!!  We had to dodge the NYC pedestrians, who all stopped to marvel at our lunacy for buying such a big tree.  Christmas Joy is Contagious!


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