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I cannot begin to get over the meal that I was treated to at Dovetail.  This 9 course culinary treasure was the best meal I have ever had.  Dovetail is my favorite restaurant in NYC.

As a birthday present to me, a wonderful dude took me to Dovetail.  We had two bottles of fantastic wine, and 9 courses of perfection.  The fact that anyone is daring enough to make a 9 course veggie meal is amazing to begin with.  The idea that it was possibly more amazing than the meat tasting is just unheard of. 

We both started our meals with a brussels sprout salad, followed by roasted brussels sprouts.  While the first two courses were brussels sprout heavy, they were so delicious and perfectly done that I was in love.  These were not your grandma’s brussels sprouts.

Some of the highlights, also known as I have no idea what my favorite was:

-Turnip Ceviche… who would have thought this vegan preparation of turnips would rock my world. There was the perfect amount of citrus to bring out the sweet flavor of the turnips, and the quinoa was super yummy.
-Four Potatoes Done Four Ways… This was an item that was not even on the menu, added in just for my tasting.  I can’t tell you what exactly each potato was and how it was cooked, but I know there was an heirloom potato and a sweet potato; one potato was fried, another boiled, and another baked.  They were laid in a pillow of some sort of creme fresh/sour cream hybrid.  I will dream about these potatoes for a lifetime.
-Gnudi… The Gnudi… they are well-known for this dish and rightfully so.  This were fluffy delights of yummy.  Broccoli, chanterelles, and winter truffles… MWAH! Perfection. 

There were so many delicious courses, including DESSERT: roasted figs and granny smith apple sorbet.  It was the perfect ending to my meal.  I can’t get the taste of the sorbet out of my mind.

Here is Dovetail’s website:

You can see what Max ate on their tasting menu– he said it was all positively delicious, but some of my courses were the best of the night!!  Who knew a devoted meat-eater would favor veggie dishes.


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