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Meat the Vegetarian

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Sometimes, there is more to a vegetarian than just food or events or even drinking.  Sometimes, there are some frustrations when certain entities make those things difficult for the vegetarian… ie, no internet and a cable company that refuses to fix the problem…. As soon as I can upload pictures from my computer to the internet, you will certainly read about my eating habits again.  Until then, please enjoy the below rant.

Dear Time Warner Cable,

I know our relationship hasn’t been the best; we don’t always get along– especially when there is any gust of wind, and you decide to quit transmitting internet and cable.  But now, we really need to discuss what has happened this past week.  You have progressed from mildly annoying to completely ridiculous.  Not only is the internet completely dead, and not only did you jack up your prices (Again), but now, you are refusing to come fix the problem?!  We called.  We made the appointment.  We did the right thing.  Why are you calling 15 times *no exaggeration* a day to try to cancel?  There is no excuse for such incompetence.  Yes, the internet is still out.  No, you didn’t magically fix the problem.  No, we would not like to take a survey.  Please just fix the internet.  I have eaten a lot, and I need to tell the world.  Please resolve this problem.


Meat and the Vegetarian


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