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It’s Christmas time again, and that means time for Santa, Candy Canes, and UGLY SWEATERS!  The hideous holiday sweater has recently inspired many parties, and continues to be one of our (my) favorite Traditions.  Christmas is my Favorite time of the year.  I get really into the holiday spirit… and the people who know me may say that is an understatement.

Event: Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

Location: Sky Lounge (aka our apartment, apparently the “sky lounge” has googled a few times, and had some of our friends very confused about where to go for the party!)

Par-tay: was extremely fun.  Unbelievably fun.  And for some people, time traveling fun.  We made a few special drinks, including: the “dirty girl scout” (Peppermint Schnapps and Hot Chocolate) and “Spiced Cider” (Apple Cider with Maker’s Mark).  We also had a full bar and a bunch of beer– Brooklyn Winter was the most festive!

The food was relaxed, just a variety of cheese and crackers and desserts!  We received some wonderful Christmas cookies as a present and we also had all sorts of holiday candy throughout the apartment…


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!!  This party was an AWESOME way to start the Holidays!


**Special Thanks to Chris Flynn for letting me rip off his photos.


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