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I know I am a little behind, but…

Thanksgiving Center Piece

For years, I hated Thanksgiving.  Sitting down to a traditional Thanksgiving as a vegetarian always stunk.  I would leave the table hungry– after a dinner of crescent rolls, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes.  AND THEN MAX STARTED COOKING THANKSGIVING.  He cooks such a fantastic meal, I think I ate more than anyone on the holiday previously known as turkey day.

Location: Max’s Parents’ Home in CT

Difficulty: Extra Easy, the only I couldn’t eat was the Turkey

The Only Thing I Couldn't Eat

Meat-Eater: The only thing I couldn’t eat was the Truffle Butter Turkey and the non-veggie stuffing.  The turkey stayed extra moist, due to all the butter.  The stuffing was all gone, every one loved it.

Goat Cheese Bites

Veggie: NOW FOR THE BEST PART– everything I could eat!!  It was a feast to end all feasts.  For appetizers, we had spheres of goat cheese rolled in toasted pecans.  Every year, Max has to remind me that 1) there are other people who would like to have some cheese with their wine before the meal, and 2) if I eat all the toasted pecans before he uses them, they will never make it on the goat cheese.  Every year, I think I eat 80% of these…


Max even makes his own bread, which is my FAVORITE part.  There is Onion-Mustard Monkey bread.  Apparently, this is a giant pain to make, but it is my absolutely absolute favorite– I don’t even need the other goodies.  But, since he made all the other stuff, I won’t complain about eating it… Maple-thyme biscuits, creamy pearl onions, butternut squash casserole, turnips, vegetarian stuffing (thanks to Max’s Dad), and TWO types of mashed potatoes.   It is like an explosion of Yummy when you eat the mascarpone and chive mashed potatoes.  The mascarpone makes them extra smooth.  The regular potatoes are also delicious, but OH THE MASCARPONE. 

And did I mention the cranberry sauce? THREE TYPES– ALL HOMEMADE!  There is the simple (my favorite), the one with oranges (max’s favorite), and the mold he makes especially for his Mom (what a nice son!).  See, this is why there are three.  Everyone LOVES something different, because they are all so good!

For Dessert Max and his Mom worked up some amazing sweets!  There was pumpkin pie and moist chocolate cake.  I was so stuffed by the time it got to dessert, I could only manage a few bites… I think the homemade vanilla whipped cream was the perfect ending to the delicious Thanksgiving.


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