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Lehigh-Laf is one of the best weekends of the entire year…  when Fantastic Lehigh (YAY!!!) plays Stinky Lafayette (BOOO) in football.  We create an entire weekend around the most played rivalry in the US.  While this event is mainly centered around good-spirited competition, it is also centered around awesome friends, food, and fun.

Home Sweet Home for the Weekend!

We started the weekend off by renting an RV.  This made the weekend AWESOME.  The RV was filled with snacks and drinks, enough to feed three armies of tail-gaters.   Max and one of our very good friends drove the RV down early on Friday… by the time I arrived, they were already at MacGrady’s, celebrating a successful trek to PA.  I mean, $5 pitchers– who can complain?  Especially when we were all used to NYC prices– it’s cheap to get one beer for $5!  Not to mention, the shuffleboard table was free– what a welcome back present… It was a fantastic way to start the weekend!

Saturday, we woke up pretty early for the Main Event… Tailgates!  I stuck with my buddy Andre, but a few in our crowd were very brave and tried the new drink “Four Loko”.   Apparently, there is a reason to take it off the shelves– taste.  Not only was it the color of Anti-Freeze, I am pretty sure Anti-Freeze tastes better.  (Not that I would know, but I REALLY can’t imagine anything  that would taste worse than Four Loko.)  While it was unfortunate that it was Lafayette’s year to host the game, we made our own fun!!

Hello Tailgates!!

Later that evening, we ended up at the Tally-Ho.  There were so many in our group, we ended up taking over the booths and controlling the jukebox.  The bar tenders were really nice; they complied with all of our requests , including bear fights.  Bear fights are not for everyone… aka bear fights aren’t for me.  But if you are brave enough, a bear fight is a car bomb washed down with a Jäger bomb. (It’s like bears are fighting in your tummy.)  I don’t suggest them…

Bear Fights...

We woke up on Sunday and nursed our wounds with Johnny’s Bagels… Cinnamon Raisin, Honey Grain, and Plain bagels with Plain, Honey Walnut, and Chive Garlic Cream.  It was the perfect breakfast for our journey’s back to the real world.



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