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I was introduced to Maoz during my time studying abroad in Espana, while I was searching desperately for Vegetarian friendly places to eat.  Maoz is completely vegetarian and completely delicious.  I was truly missing the falafel I loved abroad, so when I found they opened one in Union Square, the clouds parted and the angels sang… I finally could get cheap falafel in NYC!

My Sandwich with Barley and Cucumbers

Location: Maoz, 38 Union Square East (Between 16th and 17th St), NYC– they have several other locations as well

Price: $5 for a sandwich that I cannot finish

Difficulty:  All falafel and All vegetarian

Food:  On Saturday, it was beautiful out, and I convinced Max to take me to Maoz.  I love getting falafel there and then eating it in Union Square (there is limited seating inside).  I usually get the falafel with humus in a pita–the falafel has that crisp outside, but it is still easy to bite into. They have an array of salads or toppings you can choose.  I typically go with the cucumber, tomato, and onion salad, but this time they had a barley salad, which was sooooo good! Everything is fresh and tasty. Max always puts different things on his falafel, just because he always wants to be different… I have no idea what he put in his this time, but he topped it with yogurt sauce.  I may have to copy him next time, because it looked really yummy.

               WARNING: It is VERY easy to overload your pita… it looks all well and good, and then you try to take a bite.  Half of the toppings spill out– this is a rookie mistake. 

Max Put Yogurt Sauce on His...



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