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So, unexpectedly, work sent me to Paris!  It was the first time I had ever been, and I think I am in love.  It takes a lot for me to love a city, especially because I LOVE New York so much!  But for food– wow, Paris is the place.  I think I loved everything I ate there… just not how expensive it was…

The Highlight for me was a place called Angelina.  It was way too busy to go in and sit down; people were seriously waiting in line outside.  So, my mom and I just popped in to the take out counter.

Location: Angelina, Paris, France

Difficulty: I have no idea about the food, but the dessert was SO easy to Eat!

Price: 2 Hot Chocolates and 3 outrageously good pastries/desserts was approximately 20 Euros, so between $25 and $30… it was pretty expensive, but well worth it.

Everyone who isn’t Vegan: Will certainly enjoy eating here!  Honestly, the Hot Chocolate is the most AMAZING Hot Chocolate I have ever tasted.  It really tasted like some one melted the best chocolate they could find and put it in my cup.  I also had a Chocolate Croissant, which is my favorite pastry… and it was just almost as good as the Hot Chocolate.  My mom had a dessert that looked like a Chocolate Brain (called a Mont Blanc).  This chocolate covered masterpiece had a whipped cream and a meringue center with chestnuts somewhere in there, too.  After my croissant and hot chocolate, I couldn’t take another bite, so I didn’t try it… but it did look REALLY good.  OH and the Chocolate ECLAIR…  mmmmmmm….

Mont Blanc... Missing a Bite!

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