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Meat the Vegetarian

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Working in NYC, there is often a dilemma around lunch.  Some days, no matter how hard you try not to, you still have to buy lunch.  It is incredibly hard to buy lunch for under $10.  Okay, you could get fast food or pizza or street meat for more like $5-$8, but what if you want a less expensive meal NOT covered in grease?  Thanks to a very close friend of mine, I have discovered Tadka…

Location: Tadka, 53rd St. between 2nd and 3rd ave.

Price:  $10 Lunch Special – 1 entre, dal, naan, and rice.  With tax and tip, the total always comes out to $12.83, but I always have enough for lunch the next day… so for me, it is always $12.83 split over two days… basically the same price as eating pizza two days in a row, except this is so good and filling!

Difficulty: I LOVE Indian Food!!

Lamb Saag

Meat-Eater:  It is Indian, so both meat-eater and veggie are happy!  When I go on my lunch dates, my meat eater friend typically gets Lamb Saag… Lamb for $10!!  And it looks really good.  I have no idea what it tastes like… but she says it is wonderful and recommends it!

Mattar Paneer on My Plate

Veggie:  I have my good old standby– my absolute favorite… MATTAR PANEER.  In English, this is peas and cheese, in a tomato based sauce.  This, my friends, is very yummy.  And so are the Naan and Dal that come with.

***Please be sure to notice the size of the restaurant and be ready to giggle.  There are maybe 6 tables.  Also, the door is the heaviest door I have ever tried to open… This is real NYC Charm.



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