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Oh Wine Bars, you are just tiny restaurants that understand one of the most important parts of the dining experience… Booze!  Particularly, wine.  I love red wine.  And nothing complements red wine like delicious little bites of food, especially if they include cheese!  I do get a lot of funny looks ordering red wine with vegetarian food, most people would suggest white wine with “light” food.  But that is where they make their mistake, not all vegetarian food is light… white wine doesn’t stand a chance against bold cheeses/sauces/flavors!

Location: Uncorked, 322 E. 59th Street (between 1st and 2nd).  Yes, yes, it is basically under the bridge.

Price:  Surprisingly not bad for a wine bar.  The average bottle of wine was $45.  If you go during happy hour, bottles of wine are half off.

Number 1

Food:  I was with a friend who opted to go veggie for the evening, so it worked out wonderfully.  We had a bottle of tempranillo (for $24!  I love happy hour specials) to accent our three course appetizer tasting.  Appetizer 1) Porky Fig: don’t let the name fool you, this was a vegetarian dish.  Figs stuffed with creamy bleu cheese drizzle with honey– aka HEAVEN.  I totally forgot to take a picture until the last bite.  Figs happen to be one of my FAVORITES.  But, what made this dish was how the honey worked its way into the flavors. 

Number 2

Appetizer 2) Triple Creme Brie, Raspberry Puree, and Cashews.  This knocked my socks off.  I am drooling just thinking about it.  I could eat these little toasted breads covered in gooey goodness for every meal.  There were four for $13, which is kind of pricey, but wow, they were SO delicious, I would have to order them again, even though they are a little too expensive. 

Appetizer 3)  The first two were a little small, and we were still very hungry, so we went for something a little heartier, much larger, and much more filling: Uno, Dos, Tres (Olives, Havarti Cheese, and Almonds).  I am not an olive fan, so I just ate the almonds and cheese… it was soo good!  That sharp-ish flavor that havarti has just did wonderful things to the wine.

Number 3

I highly suggest this place for a happy hour appetizer date… if you are hungry, this place won’t fill you up.  But, it is definitely a great place to enjoy some wine and really delicious “Bites”, as they call them.



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