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Meat the Vegetarian

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Hello Saturday afternoon at 1 pm, I am not feeling so hot.  Brunch wouldn’t even be able to begin to solve this problem.  So the question is… how can I feel human again?

Location: Defonte’s of Brooklyn (not actually in brooklyn), 21st and 3rd, NYC

Price: $10 for a sub, which isn’t bad, but isn’t great

Difficulty: I love Italian Food, because it loves me.

Meat-Eater: This is one of Max’s favorite sandwich shops.  He discovered it with the help of one of his very good friends on their epic quest to find the best “MAN FOOD”.  Man Food and I aren’t really friends.  Not only am I not a man, but Man Food typically involves a whole side of a cow or an entire pig.  Fortunately for me, Defonte’s has Man Food (like a meatball sub, aka the DINO or steak pizzaiola, aka the SINATRA SPECIAL) and a few things I can eat too.  The Dino and the Sinatra Special are two of Max’s absolute favorites.  When I asked which he preferred, he just stared at me for a good two minutes and finally came to the conclusion: there was no way he could decide.

Veggie: Eggplant Parm, peppers and eggs, The Jerry Lewis (fried Eggplant, tomato, and mozzarella) are just a few of my choices.  I’ve had a couple different things, and everything is so filling, I can never eat more than half.  This past time Max and I went, I was really impressed by their reaction to my “made to order” sandwich.  I don’t know why, but I have loved the following sandwich ever since I was a very little girl: mozzarella and vinegar on a sub.  That’s it; that’s all it takes to make me happy.  Typically, I get very strange looks when I order this sandwich (especially when I ask for extra vinegar), but the dude at Defonte’s just went with it, and he put some thought into how to make it the best cheese and vinegar sandwich it could be, choosing a certain type of balsamic vinegar and throwing some salt and pepper on there… He probably thought I was nuts, but he certainly didn’t show it.

This is an old school italian deli that can cure any hang over or insatiable starvation.  There isn’t any seating inside, but on nice days they put some tables and chairs outside on the 21st street side.  It’s totally a local neighborhood-type place worth checking out.



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