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Sunday Funday, for us, started with our good friends from college hosting Sunday Football and cooking us dinner.  Since they have moved out of the city, it is up to Max and I to make our own Sunday Funday.  This past Sunday was our first attempt, and I think it went very well.

Location: Sky Lounge, NYC (aka our apt)

Difficulty: Max and I were the ones cooking…

Price: We made our friends show up

Max's Chilli

Meat-Eater: Max made some awesome chilli.  The Spicy Chilli (Spicy, Thanks to Hemp’s Hot Sauce, great homemade hot sauce that Max swears by) also had beef and beans and everything else that chilli has.  I couldn’t eat it, but there was a huge pot of it when people came over, and there wasn’t too much left when they went home.  Max says that this chilli recipe needs to be refined, but it could be the one.  This seems to be a theme for him.

My Mac and Cheese

My Mac and Cheese

Veggie:  Max FORCED me to cook.  I hate it; I’m no good at it; I get nervous people are going to get sick and die from my food because I messed up something.  Max believes this is an irrational fear, which I need to overcome.  I made Mac and Cheese.   I started with Alton Brown’s recipe, but quickly realized that I didn’t have some of the ingredients or want it to taste like that.  So, I took my own spin on things.  Gouda, white cheddar, and parmesan, shell-ish noodles and a bread crumb top.  It was actually pretty good– next time, I am putting in stronger cheeses though.  I like my Mac and Cheese EXTRA Cheesey.

Oh, there were a ton of chips and dip.  (Thanks to everyone to brought stuff!!) AND we made Rice Krispie Treats.  I mean, they were so difficult; I slaved over the hot stove melting marshmallows and Max had to use all of his strength to pour in those rice krispies.  The efforts were well worth it… they were half gone before we even brought out dinner!


Stay tuned for more Sunday Fundays!


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