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I have really started to LOVE Chinese food.  This is a recent phenomenon, and I think it is Extra enticing because everything tastes really different.  I am not talking about Lo Mein or the “General” type of Chinese… It’s the City; it is just more authentic.  Or less Americanized.  (Tomaeto, Tomotto) 

SPICY Chicken


Location: Great Sichuan, 363 3rd Ave (between 26th and 27th), NYC 

Difficulty: They have two “vegetable” sections, so pretty easy 

Braised Beef


Price: $5 appetizers, $9-$20 Entres.  Everything was big enough to share (making this a great deal); one app and 2 entres would be enough to feed 3 hungry people.  Also, currently this place is a BYO– so rare in the city.  I think they are working on getting their liquor license, but until then, you aren’t wasting money on over priced drinks. 

Meat-Eater: Max chose this place, I think at random.  It opened recently, so it only had 5ish yelp reviews, which were all stellar.  He made a great choice for all involved.  We started with Scallion Pancakes (not as outrageous as last time, but still really great) and cold noodles.  The cold noodles were on the spicy side, so I didn’t eat a ton of them, but I hoarded the Scallion Pancakes.  Max had SPICY Chong Qing Dry & Spicy Chicken.  1) The plate of food was HUGE;  2) I have never seen so many hot peppers;  3) It always surprises me when Max starts sweating and his nose starts to run, because it typically never happens.  Needless to say, Max LOVED the dish.  (I am sure you can ask for it not as hot…)  Our friend joining us for dinner had Braised Beef in Brown Sauce.  I have no idea what general “beef” tastes like.  It wasn’t ground beef and it wasn’t steak, but I was told it was very yummy.  That is all that matters, I guess.  It wasn’t nearly as spicy as Max’s, but I am pretty sure our friend was very happy about that. 

Cold Noodles


Veggie:  The appetizers were great.  But the most amazing part was… there were TWO things I have never tasted before.  TWO.  The first, lotus root, was the main reason I ordered the Sweet & Sour Sliced Lotus Root.  The slices looked like sand dollars sliced served in sauce.  They were crunchy root veggies; I don’t really know how else to describe them, but DELICIOUS.  The second flavor, a spice, I mistook for peppercorns.  That’s what they looked like, hiding in the holes of the lotus root.  The spice is called “anise” and it was really good until I ate too many seeds (trying to figure out the flavor) and my whole mouth went numb.  It wasn’t a horrible sensation, but I just had no idea what happened.  I drank some tea and everything went back to normal.   I would definitely order the lotus root again. 

Lotus Root, More Addicting than Potato Chips


WEBSITE:  Non existent.  You can find reviews on yelp and menu pages or look at the menu on seamless.


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