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Dry Rub Ribs; Greg makes great looking Ribs

Yes, I know I am behind… So, it is actually convenient that my uncles thought some of my posts were a little verbose.  This is not out of character for me, as some of you may know.  Here is my attempt at being concise:

Deviled Eggs, Nan's Classic

Location: My Mom’s House, NJ

Difficulty:  Pain in the butt, I hate “All American Picnics”, but my family tries to think about me.

Price: It was a Labor Day Picnic, everyone brought something.

-Dry Rub Ribs
-BBQ Sauce Ribs
-Hot dogs
-Baked Beans with Pork in them

-Burger-less Burger (all the toppings, none of the meat).  Yes, I got laughed at.  When it’s one of the only things there you can eat, you just do it.
-Squash and Onion Casserole
-Potato Salad
-Deviled Eggs
-Fruits and Veggies
-WINNER OF THE DAY: Spinach Salad with Watermelon, Onions, Goat Cheese, Blue Berries, and a light Vinegarette

Best Dish of the Day

Conclusion:  All American picnics are great for every one else.  But for me, it is the same food and the same questions… “does this have bacon in it?”, “which side of the grill did you cook this on?”, “Could you put mine on a separate plate and use separate utensils?”  My Family has gotten used to it, but eating at these things for me is neither easy nor fun.  I always feel like I am a pain and some one ALWAYS has to comment on why I don’t eat meat.  Unlike some other vegetarians, I never tell anyone that they shouldn’t eat meat.  Please stop telling me that I should.  Thank GOD summer picnics are over.

Non Veggie Baked Beans, Veggie Squash


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