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Like everyone else, I try really hard to eat well.  I try to cut out sweets and “empty” calories.  But, I have to tell you, the calories from this Ice Cream were NOT empty.  They were filled with homemade deliciousness.  I don’t typically like ice cream.  I don’t really dislike like it.  I usually just choose not to eat it.  I never eat the ice cream when it is slopped on top of a cake or pie.  For whatever reason, it just grosses me out– melting and sogging up my perfectly yummy dessert.  But, there was something about a blistering hot afternoon after exploring pieces of New York I had never been to that simply screamed for ice cream.

So, we went.

Location: Sundaes and Cones, 10 St. and 3rd Ave, NYC

Price:  It’s New York, what can I tell you?  $3.44 for a small

Difficulty: It would really stink to be a vegan, but being a vegetarian: a-okay.

Meat-Eater and Veggie:  I don’t think there is a meat infused ice cream out side of Iron Chef, so I thought I would give both pov’s together.  AWESOME.  That’s all you really need to know.  But, if you would like to know more… I had my standard how-to-judge-a-place ice cream, a plain chocolate dish.  Sundaes and Cones passed.  It was delicious and incredible.  Max was nice enough to let me try a small (I repeat SMALL) sample of his Cookies & Cream in a standard leaks-out-the-bottom-no-matter-what cone.  I think they are called sugar cones, but I never know if that’s right.  I don’t usually like cookies and cream (again, not the biggest fan of ice cream), but this was extra good.  I loved the sweet cream ice cream, which completely surprised me. 

So, A++ to Sundaes and Cones. 

Here is their weak website (I guess everything can’t be Awesome):


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