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Hoboken, You and I have gotten off on the wrong foot, all five times I’ve met you.  All of my friends tell me you could be a love affair, and that, possibly, I could love you as much as my city.  Right now, not so much.  Hoboken, why do you keep shutting me down?  How can you be so mean? 

Every time I drag myself to the path, something seems to go wrong.  For instance: one time, the path decided to switch patterns of going to Hoboken– just randomly.  I rode the path to the wrong station 3  times, trying to figure out how to get to Hoboken, and Finally, after AN HOUR, I realized (without the help of the announcements, as they seemed to be on permanent vacation), if I stayed on the first train, it would have ping ponged me all around and eventually got to Hoboken.  Thanks path, that made my night start closer to 1 am, and all my friends were not nearly as sober as I was. 

This time I went to Hoboken, the police decided to stop the path, and pull some criminal off.  This made Max and I about 40 minutes late for dinner with friends.  It’s not just the path that doesn’t like me– it’s the entire city.  I have gotten yelled at by bouncers AND I had to WAIT IN LINE to get into a bar!  I am not saying that I am special or anything.  When I see a bar with a line in the city, I just go to the next bar.  Seriously, why do people in Hoboken put up with this?  

Classic (Oil) Pizza...

Anyway, back to the food. 

Location:  The Madison Bar and Grill, Hoboken, NJ 

Price: this was the best part about this place… you could get a good beer for $6.  The food was reasonable, with large portions.  The bar pie (pizza) was $7 and was too big for a normal person to finish. 

Difficulty: Surprisingly easy. 

Meat-Eater:  I think I was the only Veggie (although other people ordered meatless dishes).  Every one had a similar opinion… some of the descriptions were “fine”, “okay”, “nothing special”.  I mean, no one’s dishes were nasty–but, no one really felt the urge to go back. 

Veggie:  Surprisingly, there were a lot of choices.  There were salads and pastas; I probably would have been better off getting one of them.  But on the back of the menu, there was a section dedicated to the “Bar Pie”.  I got the classic pizza,  and Max, who ate veggie for the evening, got the Bianco.  The classic pizza had classic flaws.  It was so oily, I couldn’t taste any other ingredients, and if I could, they looked mediocre.  Pizza is one of those things that, even if it is “bad” pizza, you still can eat it.  So, I ate my pizza and it was “fine”.  Max’s pizza was much better; it was still average, but at least on the better side… I would give my pizza a C- and Max’s a C+, maybe a B-.  White pizza, too much oil, over powering garlic.  I like garlic, just not that much.  After eating a whole pizza bianco, your hiccup could kill a vampire. 

Max's Pizza Bianco

There were two good parts.  Number 1: At least, we didn’t have to pay a lot.  Number 2: There was a lot of good company.  Hoboken may be a pain in every other way, but the company is always worth it 🙂 (AWWWWWW) 

Not like my review is going to make you want to go, but here is the website any way: 


After a Hoboken dinner left me missing my true love/home, We came back to the city to go out!  We went to the Greenwich Tree House.  Complete dive bar– I LOVE IT!  They have big buck hunter safari and a great jukebox.  Drinks are pretty cheap.  We brought about 20 people with us (yup, that’s how we roll), and we basically took over the place.  Just an FYI, if you would like to go to the Tree House, be aware of the “street v. avenue” west village trick.  Saying “Greenwich and Charles” doesn’t cut it down there, because they both have streets and avenues…. the Tree House is on Greenwich AVENUE and Charles STREET.


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