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Yellow Fin Tuna and Mahi Mahi

It is not typical for a Vegetarian to go fishing, but I guess I am not a typical Vegetarian.  So, when my dad asked if I would join him and my brothers on a deep-sea fishing adventure, I didn’t hesitate.  Who wouldn’t want to spend 24+ hours on a boat 90 miles away from shore?  I got the patch to put behind my ear and I was all set.  (If I didn’t have the patch, I would have been yakking over the side of the boat for sure, even though there were only four-foot swells– let me tell you.) I had no idea what we would or wouldn’t catch out there, but I will try any adventure once.  The fish weren’t really biting this trip, so we ended up with one Mahi-Mahi and one Yellow Fin Tuna.  Since I stopped eating meat (I include fish in my definition of meat) so early in my life, the only tuna I have ever eaten came from a can (it was before they even had the pack).     

You have no idea how much meat came from ONE Fish.

Tuna is the one fish that I have been REALLY jealous of being able to eat.  There is something about the color of fresh tuna that screams DELICIOUS.  The tuna my brother caught looked like some of the best tuna I have seen!    


    Here are just a few ways it was prepared…  


Location: Caught in Manasquan, NJ; Cooked in Bedminster, NJ and “The Sky Lounge” NYC    

Price: Free– after the cost of the fishing trip, of course    

Difficulty: Forget it– I couldn’t eat anything.    

Veggie: Like I said, nonexistent.    

Tuna Steak before being messed with

Meat-Eater: Well, Fish-Eater really:  Max said it was “some of the freshest tuna” he’s ever had.  DUH.  We just caught it! The fish was sushi grade, so that was one way to eat it.     

Dad's Fresh Tuna for a Sandwich

Greg's Mahi Mahi

My dad made fresh tuna with mayo.  Greg did something delicious to the Mahi– I am pretty sure there’s some butter and a spice rub on the fish, and it seems to me, it went into the oven.  I am not 100% on these details, as we parted ways after the fishing trip, taking our hunks of fish with us.  Max decided to make a tuna “burger” which turned out to be a little more like a tuna “cake”.  He chopped up onions and garlic, mixed that with diced tuna, and I think a little egg and panko bread crumbs, pan-fried it– and made it look so scrum-didily-umptious.    

Detail of a Pile of Dinner I Couldn't Eat

Here is what I ate:    

My "dinner"

Yeah, it’s butternut squash soup from a box that got over heated in the microwave.  Aren’t you jealous?    

Here is what you can actually be jealous– the wine pairing and the view!   


The Red That Max Opened... Yeah, Yeah fish and white, but I like red better. I needed to have SOMETHING

Empire State Building, View from the Kitchen Table


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