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Babe the Blue Ox's Prime Rib Before

Every time Max and I trek up to Connecticut to visit his parents, we are met with an overwhelming amount of delicious food.  Both of Max’s parents are excellent chefs (not just cooks).   I feel like a middle-aged man after every meal– it seems right to unbutton the top button of my pants and stick out my belly, rub it, and say “soooo. good.”  The selection, as usual, was delicious– this time the theme was traditional with a twist. 

Red Wine and Fresh Cut Flowers, Making this Home Cooked Meal Look Profesh

Location: Wilton, Ct – Chez le Schwendner   

Price:  free for me!  Having a home cooked meal is always a gift, so I would rather not guess the cost, and just enjoy the food and company    

Difficulty: Easy-peazy lemon squeezy    


Babe the Blue Ox's Prime Rib After

Meat-Eater: (aka, everyone but me).  They had Fred Flintstone Prime Rib.  I swear, I have never seen a cut of beef that big.  Ole Bessie took some super vitamins or was genetically combined with Babe the Blue Ox.   (My dad mentioned that some of my references may go over a few heads, and I might want to clarify– Babe the Blue Ox is Paul Bunyan’s side kick, and Violet Beauregarde is the girl who turned into a giant blueberry in Willy Wonka.)  No matter how you slice it (… I am so punny!), that piece of beef was GIGANTIC.  Max thought it was delicious and ate it all.    

Don't-Make-Me-Hurt-You Cavatappi

 Veggie: Everything else was vegetarian: baked ziti with Cavatappi noodles instead of the ziti noodles, salad, baked potatoes, and … PUMPKIN PIE.  Before we get to how amazing the pumpkin pie with homemade vanilla whipped cream was, I have to tell you about the pasta.  I am normally not a fan of any baked pasta resembling ziti.  After a decade plus of vegetarian eating, I have gone to numerous banquets where the only thing I could eat was wilted greens, stale rolls, and, you guessed it, the worst baked ziti ever made.  I mean, not even remotely close to okay.  So, whenever any one puts baked noodles with sauce and a crunchy cheese top in front of me, I have to convince myself it’s polite to take a bite.  Good thing I took a bite of this Cavatappi.  I could not get enough of it.  The top was crunchy, the pasta was perfectly cooked (not like the banquet ziti, which is always either soggy or barely cooked or burned), and there was the perfect amount of tomato-y goodness in the sauce.  I couldn’t get over it.  And while this dish was made with me in mind,  I had to fight for it.  I had to threaten Max and his sister, Dana, with my fork.  I haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim yet, but from the advertisements, this dinner could have been a fight scene out of that movie.  I don’t give good noms up easily–I certainly do not share well.    

Pumpkin Pie Missing a Bite and the Whipped Cream, I couldn't even wait to take a picture...

Little did this picture-perfect pie know, it was on the Fast Track to my Tummy

Max Waited Longer than I Could.

After all of that, we were all charged up for Round 2 (“FIGHT!”): the pumpkin pie.  This ko’ed me.  Traditional pumpkin pie, with an almond cookie crust twist, paired with homemade whipped cream, with a vanilla deliciousness twist.  Every bite I took, I told myself it was the last bite, because I was SO full and it is still bathing suit season.  Really, neither one of those reasons stopped me from eating the pie.  It was over the moment I took the first bite.  


AND After all THAT, breakfast the next day was homemade cinnamon waffles.  Waffles are always vegetarian and delicious.  

I think I had 4.


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