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Meat the Vegetarian

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On Sunday evening, my mom, my brother, and my boyfriend cooked dinner– summer cook out style.  I have no idea who did what, because I was way too busy eating New Jersey produce.

Box of HUGE Tomatoes from Nan

On the menu was NJ Tomatoes.  A Ton of Tomatoes.  They all came from my grandmother’s garden… ALL OF THEM.  And they were mammoth; I mean, the biggest tomatoes I have ever seen.  It must be all the pollution in the Arm Pit of America that causes genetic mutations creating a super breed of tomatoes OR the “Garden State” has the prefect combination of sun and soil because it is the best State EVER.

Location: My Mom’s backyard in NJ

Difficulty: Most backyard bbq’s/picnics are a disaster, but my fam loves me and I was stuffed before the main course and then I ate some more, so I’m going with super easy.

Steak for Steak Sandwiches the Next Day

Meat-Eater: Nan, Greg, Mom, and Maaaaaaaaaax all ate very well.  There was steak, sausage, and chicken.  I have no idea why they made so much. That was on top of all the things I could eat.  Considering everyone took part in the cooking and the eating, so I am pretty sure there were no complaints there.

Grilled Asparagus

Veggie: I ate and ate. Tomatoes, blueberries, fresh basil, mozzarella, blackberries, melon, asparagus.  On top of all that, as if it weren’t enough– Greg made pasta with homemade, you guessed it, New Jersey Tomato Sauce.  It was awesome.  It had just the right heat for mild mouthed me.  He said he added two tiny thai chillies.  This is an instance where a small homegrown pepper can pack a big punch.  I couldn’t stop eating.  Every one left completely full and satisfied.  I did, however, have a dream I was the Violet Beauregarde of Tomatoes.

Heart Shaped Tomato - It was the size of a real heart. A dinosaur's heart.


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