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Bud Light from Yankee Stadium

Location: Yankee Stadium

Price: Pricey, especially for pretzels and fries

Difficulty: Moderate or Difficult, if you want to eat even the least bit healthy.

Carl's Cheese Steak with American and Onions

Meat-eater: Happy.  Max, who you all will get to know very well, is my best meat-eater friend… who also happens to be my best boyfriend.  He made out like a champ.  However, it was just as calorie intensive, if not more so, for him.

Foot-Long Ball Park Frank

There was a cheese steak and a hot dog in attendance.  His Carl’s Cheese Steak was giant and delicious (apparently).  While I have never had a cheese steak and I have no idea what the “steak” part tastes like, the onions and cheese looked tasty, especially to the fat kid in me.  His foot-long hot dog was, not only drowning in ketchup, but an awesome addition to a beautiful summer day when the Yanks were beating the Sox.  Amazingly, none of that ketchup ended up on Max’s pants! All was right with the world.

Now, more importantly, on to what I ate…

Veggie: On the health side, well, there was none.  The taste side- AWESOME.  I have always loved Nathan’s fries.  While I would have gotten the Cheese Fries, I had to hold back.  At the last Yankee Game I went to, one of my friends (who due to the nature of this story, I am sure would rather not be named) bought two baskets of cheese fries.  I had told him, before he even got out of his seat to get them, “DO NOT get me my own.  I want to share.  Seriously… I ate WAY too much pizza before the game.”  Unfortunately for him, he did not listen.  I couldn’t finish mine, and since the food is so expensive, he felt that he couldn’t let the rest of my basket go to waste.  On top of one and half orders of cheese fries, he drank (I mean, we all drank… let’s be serious, we raged).  Later that evening, the one and half orders of cheese fries found its way to the toilet in our apartment.  In honor of this friend, and this story, I decided to skip the cheese, and load the fries up with ketchup.

Cheeseless Nathan's Fries

Huge Pretzel, Mustard added after the Pic

Round two for me, during about the fourth inning, allowed me to have another great summer time food, a huge soft pretzel.  While it was a little salty for me (I’m not huge on salt), it was a great match for Max’s hot dog.  The two summer time favorites, and another round of beer, really got us cheering.

A few innings and another round later, THE COTTON CANDY MAN WENT BY.  By this time, I had to give into my impulses.  My impulses had a sweet idea.  I had to have the cotton candy.  I was like a child at my first ball game.   It was a good thing Max doesn’t like cotton candy, because it probably would have been a fight to pry it out of my hands.  I ate it ALL.

It was a fantastic game, a fantastic day, and we had some fat-tastic food.  It was a bit pricey, and besides mediocre pizza, there was no real food for me to eat.  Good thing beer is always vegetarian.

Cheers to a Great Game


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