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Giant Slice of Margarita, Right Before I ATE IT ALL

I had an “Uncle” Artie.  No matter how many times it is explained to me, I am still not 100% sure how we are related.  I think it’s something like my grandfather’s second cousin’s husband.  He came to every holiday and was, however you define it, part of our family.  In his glory days, Artie played in Tommy Dorsey’s band.  Artie lived to be an old man, and my grandfather and my mom, and the rest of the family took care of him when he was “playing his final set”.   Whether it was a cruel twist of ironic fate or just a way to make sure well all remembered him forever–  Artie choked on his lunch in the hospital and passed away.  Now, we all always remember Artie when we eat artichokes, because, well, Artie Choked. 

(I swear, to everyone in my family, this is not mean or insensitive– the more we laugh, the more we love; the more the humor, the more we remember.) 

This story was necessary to explain to you what I was thinking while I was standing in line for Artichoke Pizza.  Which, rumor had it, was absolutely delicious and a must try.  Max and I were in the neighborhood (Union Square), and the line wasn’t that bad, because it was approx. 12:30 am.  I think we hit it right before the drunk rush. 

Location: Artichoke Basilles Pizzeria, 328 E. 14th St. 

Price: Between $4 and $4.50 for a Slice you only need one, but you will certainly try to eat two. 

Meat-Eater: Meat-Eater Max said, “I understand there is crab pizza, but who cares?   The artichoke pizza is the way to go.” 

Veggie: You really can’t go wrong with pizza. Pizza and bagels– even “bad” pizza and bagels are still good.  So, I knew no matter what, I would be satisfied.  I didn’t expect this place to live up to its reputation.  HOLY MOLY, I WAS WRONG.  The pizza was OUTSTANDING.  A) the slices were GIGANTIC, so you didn’t feel so bad about paying $4.50.  B) Every slice we had was simply amazing.  No red pepper, cheese, or garlic necessary.  I am a pizza purest, and very rarely do I add anything… Max dumps that stuff on, and he really didn’t need anything.  He had their signature artichoke and spinach pizza and a slice of Sicilian.  I had a slice of the margarita.  I think the Sicilian was the weakest link; the crust wasn’t poofy (a very technical foodie term) enough for me.  I thought it looked and tasted like the margarita cut into a square.  The margarita knocked my socks off.  In line we were giggling and joking around (about Artie Choke), but when we got our pizza, it was serious eating.  I had to fight Max for a tiny bite of the artichoke and spinach, which was a white pizza… he wouldn’t even let me take a picture of it before he took a bite.  It smelled amazing.  Seriously, this place is an A++++, if you can stand the line.  Both the Meat-Eater and the Veggie will be in pizza heaven! 

Artichoke Spinach Pizza, When I Could Pause Max from NOMMING


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